Winter New Trends For 2011/2012

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This winter 2011-2012 is all about healthy and radiant skin. Make sure your face is up to date by keeping it moisturized and with the latest make up trends. Your face is what shows to the world, and your skin has to look good or you won’t be at your best. It’s important that you care for your skin to ensure that it has a healthy glow, a natural, radiant, healthy and glowing skin makes you look beautiful but you have to take care of your skin to maintain that beauty.


Natural radiant skin calls for the use of natural supplements and skin creams as well as constant exercise eating healthy food. You need to discipline yourself to stick to healthier lifestyle if you want to look youthful and of course healthy too.  Cold outdoor weather, as everyone knows, numbs and dulls the skin while dry indoor dry heating makes it dry and flaky, you can protect your skin by looking for natural ingredients that you can find in your own home, things that are very common in your kitchen like oatmeal and honey. You are maybe asking yourself  but why honey and oatmeal? These two ingredients are humectants and they have properties that can help lock in moisture in your skin, combine honey with oatmeal is the most excellent treatment you can have to heal your skin, wash your face with mild soap then apply moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer.

These three ingredients that I want to share with you are excellent too.


The first one is:


  1. MANUKA HONEY: There is honey found all over the world but this particular honey comes from New Zealand and it’s not your typical honey
  2. AVOCADO OIL: is rich in vitamins A, D, and E to heal skin problems, very effective in diminishing age spots, sun damage and scars.
  3. GRAPEESSED OIL– is a rich source of antioxidants to help fight free radiant that cause collagen destruction, it is absorbed by the skin and won’t block the pores of your skin.

Winter 2012  comes with plenty of pleasant surprises.  It’s all about glamor, refreshening and perfection to your face, so check out the following runway inspired makeup, it looks like it’s about to take breaths away and you can be the first of your friends to start wearing this new season look!!!!


Cat Eye: This make up idea pops up and draws attention, they are the latest weapon for this season, this sexy and seductive look has become the favorite of celebrities, models and other beauty icons.  Cat eyes have come and gone for centuries and now they seem to be coming back very strong, so look for that…Purr-fect fatalism!  Also, try these few tips to make the cat eye; use a sharp jet black eye liner or a liquid liner, then use a smudge brush on the ends if you want to create smoky cat eye, choose the eyeliner as per your comfort level.
If you are trying this for the first time then use good pencil eyeliner to avoid mistake, It may take a couple of tries to achieve the perfect look, but once you get the hang of it you’re going to be a pro.

If you are going to use liquid eyeliner, then line your eyes before the eye shadow or else the liner will suppress the shadow work, then after you’re done with the shadow then you can retouch the line again if need it for a brighter look. Try to use brown matte shadow for the eye crease because gaudy or flashy shadows will hide the intricate play of the eyeliner, which defines this look.

Girls. Please, please, please never forget that the cat-eye look is based on the eyeliner and it should never be burdened with too much color, it looks awful.


Color Eye Liner: Eyeliners are the hottest trends and are full on drama. Ditch your black and brown eye liners this winter and have fun with bold colors that make your eyes pop, expect to see extreme winged liner, smudged eyes, bold lines underneath, two color combo, eyeliner patches and for the colors you would see such as violet, turquoise, red, dark green, mustard yellow for eyeliners, do not limit yourself to eye liners alone, be creative with your shadows and use them as liner with a very thin brush.



Nude Lip Slick: You won’t see so many dark lips this season, but nude lips are going to be a big, big, big splash! Wearing your lips nude is not only chic but fashion that will shift immediately attention to your eyes so this is your chance to go big on the eyes without feeling like you are going overboard but keep in mind that the perfect nude shade will depend on your tape of skin just like the foundation I’m using Airy Fairy Rimmel Liptick (Best nude lip color!) but here is some tools to apply  a perfect nude lipstick.


Outline your lips carefully with a make up pencil that is one shade darker than your lips to create a distinct boundary between your mouth and the rest of your face so that your nude lips don’t blend in with the rest of your face then you are going to apply the color  and if you like you can apply a coat of clear lip gloss to add shine.



Thick Eyebrow: Girls put away  your tweezers for this winter because Thick eye brow have made a big comeback.  Get out that brow liner thin and over plucker brows are a thing of the past.



Thick eyebrows are splashed all over the pages of Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Lucky and Cosmopolitan,  you’ll see natural and even “boyish” brows making their debut on the runways, stars such as Penelope Cruz, Kim Kardashiam, Selma Hayek, Demi Moore, Allison Lohman and Scarlet Johansson embody the look.


But women who are without too much eyebrow, and I include myself cause my eyebrows are so thin that I think you can only get to see three little hairs in it,  this is not a problem.  We can figure out a way to achieve the same effect as our favorite celebrities.


Luckily for us there are so many  ways to fix this and with a little bit of patience and care we can achieve the look that has become so popular.  One way is to invest in a good quality eyebrow pencil that matches your skin tone.  Also, when dying your hair, you should consider that often there are several shades that are darker than your hair color. And, there’s this technique you can use to get thick eyebrows too, it’s called  eyebrow transplant, or it is also known as eyebrow implants. This technique consists in the insertion of hair from various parts of the body into the eyebrow.


Dark Nail Polish: If you are stuck in a rut using the same color nail, week after week, then you’re certainly missing out one of the most fun ways to express your own style. Nail polish trends are meant to suit the fashion trend, and the seasons.  So pay attention to the new nail polish trends that can help you stand out from something small to make a big difference.

For this winter 2011-2012 you will see bold colors like navy blue, metallic purple and even black.


So ladies… update your make up kit with the fabulous new trends released … stay beautiful and have lots of fun this coming holiday.


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