What is Jennifer Lopez’s Workout Routine for movie ‘Parker’?

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215Jennifer Lopez just seems getting fabulous with age. She looks even younger and better than before. For her latest movie comes with great expectation to get even more gorgeous thus needed JLo to be in shape so she definitely need a new workout routine before the filming starts. The celebrity workouts are helping them to maintain their body for the project. “Parker” is a new action-packed thriller movie where she has to slip down to her underwear in one of her scenes together with Jason Statham and needed her body to be in killer shape. Because of this, Tracy Anderson, an industry pro who has trained many celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Courtney Cox is there to intensify her workout routine exercise. What they love about Anderson is that how she train and impose with a very serious attitude towards fitness of his clients.

Her body was carefully sculpted using the Tracy Anderson method that’s why she’s enjoying her sexy body while preparing the result of hardwork. JLo follows the same routine for only ten days in a row, after which her program has been changed. The effect of this little trick is that the muscles of her body get challenged more than the past workout routines. Therefore, the workout results can be properly managed and can make best use of it.



The workout doesn’t seem look harder for her to look remarkable for her new movie; Jennifer Lopez worked out one hour per day in once every two days. Her training included a 30 minute exercise to make her musculature structure and 30 of cardio aerobics is fair enough. Her workout routine is not difficult for Jennifer Lopez’ body because according to her trainer she cannot go two days without working out and tricking the muscles. Tracy also exclaimed “We change the workout every 10 workouts. That’s the secret.” By changing the exercise sequence so often the muscles are tricked and challenged, therefore the overall look of the body changes. “There’s not a woman’s body I can’t change!” says Tracy. She was really impressed to JLo as how the singer-actress motivated herself to get fit in. despite her busy schedule tracy made sure that JLo is still active on the program but not that overworked.




The workout routine of Jennifer Lopez for her movie was indeed successful as looking on her shape it’s like a body of a 20’s girl trapped in a 43 years old woman. So envious isn’t it?!

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