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Unlike in the movies, getting the guy you like in real life is easier said than done. It takes more than the flipping of hair and dropping of books to get his attention. However, don’t despair. We all know that you don’t have to be a wallflower in the parties when you can do some ninja moves towards getting a man to want you:


Tap in your inner sexy

Boys are attracted to confident women who know how to carry themselves. Before going out and lure your prospect, tap in your sexy alter ego and let her take over you. Envision your favorite celebrity and think how she would act on your situation. Copy the qualities that you like best about her. However, don’t go overboard by wearing tacky clothing. Flirting is a subtle seduction not an open invitation to hit the bed. Dress smartly and too seductively. You don’t want to look like an easy bait.


Use Body Language

Attract any man by smartly using your body language. Show your interest through non-verbal cues. Physical attention starts everything, even a good conversation. If the guy you are interested with hasn’t gotten the signal yet and didn’t make the first move, time to do the first thing. Drop some hints and do a killer eye contact, smile and linger. He will pick up the signal that you are interested in him. This gives the man the encouragement that you will not reject him once he approaches you. Keep the conversation light and entertaining. Save your childhood days for your first date.


Consider your distance

Ladies, this is how to attract any man without committing into something serious. When talking, consider your distance, don’t be too close to him or he won’t see your fierce looks and your flirty smile.  It is important that you send him the message that you are interested in him but he still has to work his ass off to get to know you better.


Spill the beans

Sharing a secret or two as ways to get a man to want you raises the level of attractiveness. The man feels that you trust him, thereby increasing your closeness. Self-disclosure is an important part of intimacy. It is a sign that the two of you are ready to take it to the next level and start a serious relationship.


Don’t be too available

You might like him but that doesn’t mean you have to text him all the time. Learn the art of patience.  Don’t let him know how deep you are into him. Remember, it is still a chasing game. You must know when to message him. Go out with your girlfriends. He must know that he has a competition with your time. This challenges him to work for a spot in your life.


Have an opinion but don’t be bossy

A smart woman is a sexy woman. However, don’t be too bossy and give your opinions whenever you have the chance. Carry a conversation smartly and don’t impose. Be beguiling and charming but don’t be a bimbo.

With these proven tips, you are now ready to snag a guy and work on your charm. Best of luck, girlfriend.

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