#Unwind: Where To Spend Your Christmas Vacation 2015

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The holiday season is in the air which means an opportunity to take advantage of holiday packages vacationEvery country might celebrate Christmas in different ways but one thing is for sure, the festive mood is evident. From local markets with grand lights down to a luxurious display of light festivals, you can spend your Holiday season with these enchanting and festive places:


Medillín, Colombia

While a picture speaks a thousand words, we dare you to visit this place and witness the amazing lights first hand. The Christmas lights draping different shapes and structures are truly breathtaking. The display of lights stay up the entire month so you have time to revel its beauty without having to freeze as Columbia has a great weather

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 New York

Christmas isn’t really complete without checking out the cheery New York. The towering tree located in Rockfeller Center signals the start of the festive season as soon it lights up the entire season. New York doesn’t take Christmas too lightly as it is known to have one of the best Christmas Celebrations in the world.

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Dominican-Republic-Christmas-minDominican Republic

Christmas isn’t a one day affair in Dominican Republic as the people celebrate this holiday for about 3 months. From doble sueldo, sumptuous food to heart-stopping fireworks display, the locals certainly know how to celebrate the holiday.

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Lapland, Finland

The unofficial place of the generous Santa Claus, Lapland Finland is a nice place to visit if you want to seek Winter adventure. The Europe’s Christmas capital sums up the most joyous time of the year. Time to head to Arctic Circle and who knows? You might happen to see Santa or his elves packing your gifts. Treat yourself to a last-minute getaway!

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Home to Mardi Gras, it is just too sore to miss Rio in your list of  places to go for christmas vacation with its scenic views, friendly locals and its humungous floating Christmas tree. Rio flaunted its 85-meter floating Christmas tree in Rodrigo de Freitas. With 3.1 million lights, enough to illuminate an entire place, your eyes are assured with visual fest and memories to last a lifetime. Check out these All Inclusive Vacation and Resorts!

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Kobe, Japan

Known for its Kobe Luminarie, the festival that commemorates the disastrous earthquake that hit the area, this place might be an unconventional way to spend your Christmas season. Quick history: After the earthquake, the lights donated by the Italian government were  hand-painted lights. Imagine over 200,000 lights lighting up your mood.

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North Pole, Alaska

Visit Santa in North Pole and enjoy the cold weather. While you are on a hunt for the big, white-bearded man, might as well enjoy an ice-related adventure or two. This is the perfect opportunity to learn skiing or enjoy riding a sleigh.

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For a more solemn holiday, spend it in Rome. Historical streets are illuminated with bright holiday lights while the Vatican is flocked with thousands of churchgoers in Christmas Eve.

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The Hawaiian Islands

How do you want to celebrate the Yuletide season in the beach? Live the season to the fullest with booze, beach and fireworks.

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milky-way-christmas-illumination-tokyo-dome-city-big-minTokyo, Japan

Japan’s awesome inventions as well as their disciplined people aren’t just the reasons to visit this majestic place. You can also visit the Land of the Rising Sun and check out Tokyo’s Dome City with Winter lights displayed around the Tokyo Dome and the adjacent amusement park. The best part? These lights stay up until after the Heart’s day.

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