Top Christmas Gifts for Music Lovers

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Christmas is definitely in the air and what better way to celebrate the official start of December than to shop for gifts to your music love friends. Whether they are huge fans of One Direction or fierce Queen B fans, you are assured that you can provide them the best gifts this Yuletide season:


Beyoncé Perfume

While we cannot achieve Beyonce’s voluptuous body or her powerful voice, we can at least somehow smell like her. Well, technically like the perfume she endorses. Beyonce’s perfume called rise is inspired by the power of women. The scent is said to be more natural and intimate compared to the previous one as inspired by the works of Bey’s favorite poet, Maya Angelou. The opening notes include apricot, Italian bergamot and iced basil sorbet at the heart is orchid called “Golden Symphony”. This orchid mixed with freesia and Sambac jasmine flowers and placed at the base of the autumn woods, cashmere, musk and vetiver.

Beyonce – Rise 3 Piece Fragrance Set, $44.99

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Gwen Stefani Nail Polish

The Voice coach Gwen Stefani teamed up with OPI nail polish one more time to give us a stunning holiday collection. The collection features 18 new colors in addition to the traditional six reds. The colors include six metallic & glitters and six colorful darks. This bold collection will surely brighten any girls’ winter season.

Gwen Stefani New Collection 2014 (6 Set), $33.35

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Secret Color Hair Extensions, By Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Hair Extensions

If you are a fan of Demi Lovato, you should know that this girl is crazy when it comes to changing hair colors so much that she releases a new line of Hair Extensions. Her Secret Color hair extension line is filled with bright colors that lighten up the tresses for any occasion. The hair extension can be attached like headbands so you don’t have to worry about complicated clips. What more is that you can curl or straighten the extensions. Now, isn’t that cool?

Demi Lovato – Secret Color Hair Extensions, By Demi Lovato, As Seen on TV, Pink, $19.99

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One Direction White I Heart 1D Sunglasses

Besides launching their makeup collection, Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn have also sunglasses that would surely delight fans. The sunnies are non-polarized and fit almost all sizes. Names of the band members are written inside sunnies. If you or your friend is a solid Directioner, this is one way to show your love to them.

One Direction White I Heart 1D Sunglasses, $14.99

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Britney Spears T shirt

On the other hand, if you loved the early 2000s where Britney was a popstar royalty, you might appreciate her shirt. Kidding aside, whether you love Britney or not, it takes a gut to wear her shirt that printed Britney B**ch. The black, Crew-neck T-shirt is a catchy statement shirt to catch someone off guard.

Britney Spears – It’s Britney Bitch Black Juniors Graphic T-Shirt, $27.99

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Katy Perry Accessories

The “This is What We Do” singer is so grand in her accessories and her Kitten Line is her favorite pieces so far. In fact, she wears the pieces during her PRISM World Tour. The collection is personally curated by Katy Perry. From rings down to phone case, everything reflects to Katy’s style and taste. Attack, KatyCats!

Claire’s Accessories – Girls Katy Perry Roar Charm Bracelet, $18.00

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Nicki Minaj Clothing

On the other hand, if you feel a little bit gutsy, you can purchase any pieces from the “Anaconda” singer available in K-Mart. While the clothes aren’t appropriate for daily wear, you might find them useful on special occasions.

Nicki Minaj – Women’s Funk Wig Girls Jr Black, $27.49

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