Tie The Knot: Wedding Details Tips

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Choosing your wedding dress might be one of the most crucial decisions you have to life. Lucky for those girls who already have figured out what they wanted even before they are affianced. However, there are those excited brides-to-be who are filled with wedding anxieties to even decide what kind of wedding dress they have to wear. It has to be perfect. It has to reflect your personality, speak your style but fit your budget. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a bridal wedding one of which is the uniqueness of the dress. While you are still in a haze of the proposal and couldn’t decide on what to wear during the big day, let us fancy you with some tips:


The Dress 
The real bride, Rena Phuah shared how she came up with her dress. She confessed how she already have an idea on what to wear for her big day. She wanted something lacy, comfortable yet modest. However, she admits that she never goes to bridal shop since she is traumatized from watching Say Yes to The Dress.  She chose for something slightly less traditional to fit her style and figure. She managed to pull off a look that is sexy and classic.Bride-Wearing-Lover-Dress-Wedding-minThe leather jacket is an attention catcher, definitely assures the bride that all eyes will be on her as she walks down the aisle. When choosing wedding gownsit is best that you consider your body type to stand out. Little details matter too. If you want to elongate your petite frame, go for deep plunging neckline to draw attention up. Horizontal details can shorten your frame while a vertical panel will elongate.

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Bride-Wearing-Lover-Dress-Wedding-min-2Choosing the Shoes Wedding dresses are important but so are shoes. Weddings involve a lot of standing and dancing in which you need the right pair of shoes to last you throughout the occasion. Wearing flats aren’t a best choice on your wedding day. Weddings equate to heels but not too high to inconvenient you during your big day. The best bet? Kitten heels.


The Valentino rock-stud kitten heels can support you through the exchange of vows and well-wishes. The height is just perfect and can make you feel sexy without having to go through blisters. The nude comfortable dress shoes is the most wedding appropriate shade of them all as it can flatter all colors regardless of your wedding gown style or shades.

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Makeup Tips

We all want to look our best on our wedding day. However, you don’t have to wear things or makeup that make you feel uncomfortable. Stay true to yourself and ask your makeup stylist to paint your face with the style that will make you comfortable. Don’t jump off to the contouring or smoky eyes contouring if you are not comfortable with it. Stick to what makes you happy to avoid any awkward smears by the time you decide your makeup look feels weird.


When it comes to tying the not, there are a lots of do’s and don’ts that may hamper your mood. However, at the end of the day, it is your wedding where you and your partner have the last say on everything. Ditch the rules and do what makes you happy.












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