The Power of Human Pheromones

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Attraction is based on what a person see something pleasing to the other one. Most likely men who want to get closer to a girl must take so much effort to win her attention. A studies shown, there is a solution for those striving an attention to the opposite sex. A chemical factor secreted by specie that triggers a social respond capable of giving impact to the same group of specie is called pheromones. This pheromone is ectohormone acting outside the body of the one secreting them. Therefore, the behavior of the opposite sex is based on the pheromone of the other individual. Long years back in 1953, the first animal pheromone was identified in female moths called bombykol, which attracts male. The pheromone serves as a signal for men that the female moth is ready mating and could travel vast distances at low concentration. While the first human pheromone was discovered in 1974 when they realize that the ovulation cycle of women synchronized as they have close intact to each other. Year thereafter, sex pheromone which is alpha- androstenol was discovered as well. The responsible for emotion which includes attraction to opposite sex is the organ in the nose, VNO (Vomeronasal Organ) that connects to hypothalamus in the brain to detect pheromones since it can’t be smelled by the way. It is believed that the right dosage of pheromones increases sexual attractiveness to people.

Men have lesser chances of emitting pheromones because it can only release under their arm pits, using soap and deodorant hinder the secretion because of the clogging of pores otherwise resulting deprivation of attracting females. On the other hand, females secrete pheromones on arm pits and any public area that’s why it is easier to them to attract men. The best way to get a girl is to find a soap, cologne, body sprays or any products that has sex pheromones element such as Andosterone which signals dominance and aggression, Alpha- Androstenol helps develop trust and comfort while on conversion, it is proven that this really attracts women and Androsterone that signals protection and reliability to opposite sex. Find such products that have lower concentration to get an effective result than overbearing products. Science stresses that pheromones are sex magnets only to look for the right products for you.

Females, although get the higher chances of attracting men, also have their way to attract even more. That is why using pheromone perfume is their best choice. Human pheromone is proven quite effective for lure and temptation. Just a few sprays on the body will eventually keep your man closer to you, mostly used during dating, clubbing or dinner out or any special occasion perhaps. Here are some human pheromone perfumes to help you get the man in your dreams:

  • Primal instinct for her– has the highest potency of pheromone in the market, the only product contains Androstenol + Copulins proven to be effective even a single rub on pulse wrist. Available in scented and unscented products.
  • Mistress Pheromones for women– enhances mood, more aware, more aroused and inviting to men.
  • Passion Copulin– light fragranced roll on of cucumber and melon which enhances sexual attractiveness because the scent is overpowering.
  • Scent of Eros Pheromones- very light floral fragrance and easy to carry
  • Lure for women- a popular pheromone spray perfume and is usually quite affordable
  • Essence of a woman-is a copulin based pheromone designed to spice up attraction towards men, this is very potent product so a small drop is fine.

These human pheromones perfume could greatly help you attract anyone. But remember that being true to your self is what really matters and products like these is a package deal.

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