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The Best of Melody Ehsani and NCLA Newest Nail Wraps This 2013

Nail Wraps has always been a girl’s bestfriend. A girl can never go out without something attractive on their nails. They changes its color depending on the mood, the style or the color of their outfits. For this year, Melody Ehsani joined once again with NCLA for their nail wrap collection. The duo got some exciting newest trends that surely add attraction on your style. Check out what they’ve got for us.



This is something we really have to look forward to, the perpectives on how the whole year would turn into differently fabulous year ever is what they want to give to the public. The collaboration of Melody Ehsani and NCLA collection 2013 for this spring season brings about fun patterns for their latest trends for higher style expectations for them to make a fashion statement in fashion world.


From boring one colored nail wraps comes the newest nail art way of improving your look into something relatively different and fun with these touch of fashion nail art. How could we possibly resist these perfect beauty statement that will make our everyday fashion unique yet stylish. It is much interesting to know that aside giving out our best on what’s in our wardrobe is likewise what we also give emphasize on how we do on our nails. The duo’s collection really make sense on helping us out to look good thus letting us express our own fashion statement. The only way to stay in fab is utilizing our own skills. Using our imagination to create such arts can possibly make difference and probably can make you a top fashionista. Today’s generation, what is unique and differently eye catching to fashion is almost always what the crowd follows. To be able to stand out you need to be original including how you work on your nails. It is good to know that the collaboration of Melody Ehsani and NCLA collection 2013 is what we really need. from black and white nail arts to different print types will surely work best for us.

The animal print arts are really impressive to look at and to have it. Cant really wait to get these collections to add in my fashion world. These items are already available, each print collection is only $16 and the whole set of prints cost $79. each nail art wrap prints has its own unique and distinctive name as follows; It don’t matter (the black and white abstract prints), Been around the world ( the funky rainbow prints), Umoja ( these prints appear somewhat tribal and vibrant in colors), Pastel Pantera (the animal rainbow prints), Wax Print ( abstract colored prints). So take a step and be mesmerized by these creations of the Melody Ehsani, NCLA collection nail wraps for 2013.

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