Tess Holiday Is A Proud Size 22 Model

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It used to be Size and Height Matter in the runway until the discovery of plus size models who defied the odds and flaunted their curves. One of them is the gorgeous and beautiful Tessa Holliday who stands 5-foot-5 and a size 22.  In a world where ladies get so obsessed in being skinny going through the extreme of eating cotton balls or starving themselves, trendy plus size clothing models like Tess are sending us girls some powerful message, “Dreams do Come True” and “Nothing is Impossible”. Tessa has been signed to Milk Model Management and was the first model of her height and size. Since then, things are never the same for the curvy lady as she started to get the attention. The gorgeous plus size womens fashion model has a retroussé nose and  pouty lips. Her auburn hair is as rich as it is wavy which makes her a real stunner. However, it was her body size that made the headlines. She was fine to be called fat but she wants everyone to know that body sizes are beautiful. She had created the #Effyourbodystandards movement to empower ladies about positive body image.

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Tess started the movement after posting herself in beautiful plus size dresses that garnered negative feedback from the people. She was defiant and furious over online bullying. To this date, her movement has received positive feedbacks with ladies posting their images. Plus-sized ladies weren’t just the participants of the movement, gay people took part of it as we

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She has reached nearly a million Facebook likes on her page and close to 800,000 Instagram followers. Every time she posts inspiring messages, she becomes more of a role model to the ladies.  “To the people that fight on my social media: I don’t give a fuck. Get a therapist, phone a psychic or eat a fuckin’ burger… grow up.”

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Pursuing her dream as a model isn’t a bed roses. She had her fair shares of rejection during go sees. She traveled to Atlanta for a casting session and was criticized about her height and weight. Because of bullying, she was forced to drop out of school at 17. She still received hundreds of comments up to this point. She mused that people cannot accept that she is still happy despite her size.


While her father acknowledged her pretty face, she received some criticism due to her weight. Her father told her she couldn’t achieve anything because of her size. More so, she was told she couldn’t get a hot and a nice boyfriend, she must choose one. Proving that she can have both flourishing career and love life, Tess met her fiancé Nick online. Nick was so inspired with the positive body image movement and the inspiration she gave to the women. Now, Tess is following her fiancé’s last name for her screen name.

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When visiting plus size boutique, you might chance seeing Tess’ posters as she has been making a lot of modeling gigs one after the other.

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