Taylor Went for Androgynous Look for Wonderland Magazine

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While she’s busy doing rounds for her 1989 album, Taylor Swift surprises us with her look in her Wonderland cover.  The country singer whose album went platinum traded her usual looks -red lipstick- and blonde bob and pencil-thin brows to slicked back hair, full-on brows and a nude and semi-glossy lips.


For Wonderland November-December issue, the girl-next-door amazingly shifted to a supermodel with the help of her glam team. Guess, it is just about time to experiment with her beauty especially that she isn’t the one to play with her looks. She might have exchanged her curls to straight locks, cut it into bob but that’s it. And as far as the celebrities who have been constantly experimenting with their looks, Taylor hasn’t exploited so many possibilities with her looks yet. That is why her Wonderland issue got us thinking how did Taylor morphed into this matured beauty.


Taylor’s glam team is composed of hairstylist Karin Bigler and makeup artists Leonard.  The team were so focused on pushing for an androgynous look, slightly toughening her soft features with strong brow and hair taken off her face. Judging the striking cover, we can tell that the mission was successful. We hardly recognized pop-star with her freckles, bold brows and tan complexion.


How to Achieve Taylor’s Look

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Taylor is indeed growing maturely in some aspects of her life. Her 1989 album is far too different from her previous albums. Similarly, Taylor opened herself up to an edgy transformation in the Wonderland magazine. She was seen wearing a denim shirt with a denim jacket with stitching details. Her All-American look was highlighted by her healthy,golden tan.


Another image of her portrayed her hair brushed back into curls that looked like a young Kylie Minogue, after Neighbours.

Coincidentally, her 1989 album had a song entitled “Wonderland” which chorus goes like “You and I got lost in it / And we pretended it could last forever / We found wonderland / You and I got lost in it / And life was never worse but never better / In wonderland.”

Taylor Swift - Wonderland Magazine

Taylor has gone interactive and hands-on with her album offering Blank Space app that gives fans BTS episodes of her latest music video. This gives a total 360-degree experience providing users the chance to hunt objects hidden in a mansion.


Taylor’s latest look and transformation gave us something to look forward to what she has to offer that we haven’t seen yet. By the looks of it, the singer has so much in store.

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