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Rock Out With Stripe

Stripes might be timeless style but  we cannot deny that things can get pretty boring once we stick to the norm. Even if stripes are the chicest of the print, it still plays to know how to mix and match with this sartorial print as a staple item. Since we love this print, we reckon you might want to learn a thing or two when it comes to styling this print:


Think Outside the Box

Wear your stripes on an unexpected piece of clothing such as your pants, vest or jacket.  Rock the color blocking look by wearing a form fitting tank top and a chic maxi striped skirt. Make sure that the color belongs to the same family to create a fluid and harmonious look. Don’t forget to consider your choice of footwear too.

Be sweet and Preppy

The stripe mini dress can take you to place depending on your accessories and makeup look. Adding a lightweight dress for your spring getup can speak a lot about your personality. Mini dresses are versatile in which it can make your look casual or sassy. Pull the look altogether by wearing minimal accessories. You don’t want to look like you exerted too much effort in rocking this look,


Opt for Pastel

If you are doubtful whether your choice of stripes won’t flatter your figure, go and wear that pastel colored pants that you have been keeping in your closet since purchase. This colorful striped pants with pastel colors is what you need to fight the warmer season and put some sunny disposition in the atmosphere.


Consider other colors

In case you miss it, stripes have updated their colors. You should stick yourself with wearing black and white stripe maxi dress for women when you can wear other colors. This frock looks urban when you match it with your favorite pair of white sneakers. Take this look for your night out event and trade your sneakers for stilettos or wedges.

Show off some swag

Are you not a fan of crop top, but wanted to flaunt off your flat midriff? Why not try wearing striped Capri tees? Ditch your Breton Stripes in favor of a Capri top that is as colorful as it is exciting. Balance the look by wearing high-waisted pants. However, if you are feeling like it, you can always do it your own way and pair it with your cutout shorts or Bermuda shorts.


Embrace the Corporate look

We might get used of stripes being a casual wear. However, you can effortlessly look chic and sophisticated by wearing a striped skirt. When wearing this style, keep everything else simple and casual since wearing other prints or style can make you look crowded. This skirt automatically commands attention when you finish the look with a pair of gladiator high heel sandals.

How about transitional pieces

If you are ready to let go of your winter pieces, but still feels that cold, you can always wear a trench at work. Just trade your trench coat with lighter fabric to survive the warmth of the season.


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