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Most of us have gone through crazy fad diets and bizarre workouts just to achieve our desired weight and tone our muscles. On the contrary, some of us skip the gym or hitting the road for a good run as they find workouts time consuming. Sparing an hour of your time in a day can actually make a great difference towards your weight loss goals.

This is the concept of the p90x home fitness program where you only need minimal equipment to perform sets of routines at home. You must complete a 90-day home fitness to get you in your best shape. Created by trainer Tony Horton, the program comes with 12 intense workouts mean for cardio, resistance and body-weight training, ab work, plyometrics, yoga and martial arts. The fitness program is also paired with a nutrition plan, fitness guide and workout calendar.


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When you buy the p90x fitness plan, you have the freedom to choose from three different packages. The most affordable base package comes with the 12 P90X workout DVDs, a three phase nutrition plan, and a P90X fitness guide. Meanwhile, the deluxe and ultimate package have  more features such as chin-up bar, resistance bands and recovery formula. The ultimate package gives you the best of everything with 5 additional advanced P90x Plus workouts, Tony Horton’s exclusive PowerStands,  and the P90X Chin-Up Max.


How does p90x workout program work?

The routine is presented in a circuit format. You must move from exercise to exercise with minimal rest to keep your heart rate up. Certain parts of your body are targeted by the strengthening program. This includes the chest and back, shoulders, arms, legs, chest, shoulders, triceps and biceps. Other DVDs revolve around power movements. Some of the movements include variations of push-ups, pull-ups or pull-down exercises performed with resistance bands. Rowing exercises can also be performed with dumbbells or resistance bands. The most intense part of the workout is the Plyometrics that run for 59-minute. After long warm-up, you need to go through a series of jumping routine to work your lower body.

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Nutrition plan

Besides the p90x exercise program, you also get a 3-phase nutrition plan that serves as your meal guidelines. If you want to make most of your workout routine, you must also learn to choose the right fuel for your body. Diet and exercise go together. Following a strict workout routine without getting strict in your diet defeats the entire purpose of your workout goals.



P90X plans

The program comes in three plans which are the classic, doubles and lean. The workouts that you will perform vary according to the plan that you’ll choose. Most people refer to the classic plan to complete their program. This plan covers all P90X workouts except Cardio X. Classic plan can give you your desired results. This is most recommended for beginners. Meanwhile, the double plan is ideal for people who love the cardio workouts. Just make sure that you spare enough time for this plan since you need to work out twice a day as you progress. For less intensive yet more cardio-based program, the lean plan is for you. Most women follow this route because of its cardio workouts.

While the p90x is an at-home workout, the same commitment you give when running or hitting the gym is needed to achieve the results. Are you ready to get into shape?


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