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There are plenty of reasons why we love to have an access backstage during any fashion week and this New York Fashion Week isn’t different. Models, celebrities and designers are all on point with the latest trends. Lucky are those who saw the trends even before they ramped on the stage. However, for those who don’t have the slightest ideas what to expect this fall, here are some beauty ideas that you can get inspirations from:


Graphic Nail Arts

From half-moon down to colorful geometric styles, graphic nail arts are really hot this season. Play with your serious outfit by sporting this trend for an Instragrammable photo. Models at Malan Breton even pulled off glittery half-moon manicures.  While this may be hard to pull off, seeing the results are actually worth it.

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Get Bang!

Fringes or bangs are the quickest way towards the makeover path. It immediately transforms you and distracts the people’s attention, in case you are still not updated with the autumn’s latest trends yet.


Power of Wigs

On the other hand, if you are not into cutting your bangs, don’t fret. You can still sport faux bob using wigs. Take heed to Kylie Jenner’s flawless look as she transitioned effortlessly with her wigs.

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Soft Smooches

The right lipstick can warm up the cold season. Step outside your comfort zone and opt for matte and moody lipstick. You can go bold and sport for sequins and liquid liner to pair with your lippies. Make plain t-shirt and ripped jeans  look incredibly so hot wearing your gorgeous lippie. Just make sure that before you apply your lipstick, it is important that you apply lip balm to make your lipstick glide smoothly on your lips. Once done, wipe away your balm before applying your lipstick to avoid smearing or too much gloss on your lips. Alternately, you can also use lip primer instead of lip balms.


Open them Peepers

A beautiful pair of lashes goes a long way.  Depending on your time, you can either go for lash extensions or false eyelashes. Velour ‘Full of it’ Silk Lashes has 15 unique styles. Made from the finest silk material, these falsies are 100% handmade and super luxurious, comfortable and long lasting. It lasts 20 application per lash.

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On the other hand, if you don’t have time to get extensions or apply lashes, you can still look stunning by applying colored mascara such as Mascara Sephora Collection Mystic Teal. Get starry-eyes with the glitter formula of Sephora’s mystic teal. The applicator comes with a liner brush and mascara bristles. This makes application more define, long lasting and with lashes full of gorgeous glitter.


Brow Game On

While we love Cara’s brows, the trend seems to wane out as bolder and braver trend emerges. Miley’ s bleached brows are starting to get famous again. If you won’t bleach your brows, you can have it blinged. Just refer to Lady Gaga’s style.


Sweat it out

Beauty starts inside out so why not squeeze workout in your schedule?  While you are at it, don’t forget to bring Too Faced The Iconic Collection, a five-piece collection of bestselling essentials from Too Faced to look effortlessly stunning each day. The collection includes essential for eyes, lips and face.

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