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Regular salon visits can be very expensive especially if you can DIY some nail tricks at home. However, achieving perfectly manicured fingers can be challenging. This is also true when it comes to doing intricate nail arts. Since practice makes perfect, we help you make your beauty life easier with these practical and convenient nail hacks:



Clean up your mess

Beginners and pro alike can get frustrated with messy pedicure. Correct mistake by using a cotton swab and rub petroleum jelly or lotion on the skin around your nails prior to your pedicure sesh. This provides a barrier between the polish and your skin. This way, you can easily wipe off the petroleum jelly to polish mistakes.

cold wated

Make your Polish Dry Faster

Getting impatient for your matte nail polish to dry? We got you covered! Fill a bowl with ice and water and soak your nails for a few minutes after you are done polishing them. This will set the paint, helping your nails dry faster.


Create a Matte Coat Polish at Home

Prepare your  nail supplies coz you are about to create a matted nail polish in no less than a minute. Mix your clear polish and corn starch and you are ready to paint the town red.


Add tiny dots

Creating tiny polka dots on your nail can be frustrating due to its intricacy. Luckily, you can skip the salon and achieve the looks with your favorite nail products and a bobby pin. Just dip the ball end of a bobby pin in nail polish to use it as a dotting tool for your fingernails. Seal it with a top coat to make your polish last longer.


Prevent Chipping

Hate chipping? Prevent it by painting the first layer of your basecoat polish on the top half portion of your nails. Once your nails have dried, paint it the second time but make sure to cover the entire nails. Doing so will help the polish on the tips of your nails .This part is more prone to chipping.


Get Gorgeous French Tips without the hassle

Forget the templates, stickers, decorative tools and gel nails as this easy trick helps you achieve the French Tips without glitch. Use a rubber band or nail tape to ensure a clean line. Take a rubber band and tie it in the middle. Loop the end over your thumb to create a tension. Align the other end over the top of your nail and just below the edge to create the French tip shape. Paint the tip of your nail starting at the edge of the band.

marble nails

Flash them your Marble Nails

Don’t spend an entire day over crackle nail polish when you can achieve marble nails in as fast as five minutes. Use a nail polish template to create a marbled effect. Peel each template and place on your nails.  Alternately, you can use drops of swirled nail polish to achieve the look. First, you must choose an accent finger and tape underneath and around your nail. Fill a small paper cup with filtered water. Grab to colors of polish and drop each of them in the cup water. Alternate the colors and swirl them. Once done, stick your finger in the cup, nails facing the paint layer. Use the paper clip to gather the rest of the paint away from your finger.


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