Kim Kardashian Updates Sexy Outfits For Avatars In Her Game

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has just gotten much sexier as the pregnant starlet gives some sneak peek on new provocative ensembles for her fans. Kim’s mobile game is all about players taking on the role of an aspiring celebrity who tries to earn fortune and fame in anyway. Projected to earn $200 million, the application showcased Kim Kardashian inspired clothing with its cleavage-baring outfits. The Kim Kardashian clothing style had labels such as Balmain and Givenchy that were starring in her successful video game app on her Instagram.  She showed her love of the look she had in the Elle France April 2015 issue, taking two of the outfits from the glossy page and added them into her app. She was all praises with the Givenchy piece and posted it on Instagram. She posted side-by-side images of herself wearing in Givenchy and Balmain to compare them in the animated version.

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Kim explained that the relatability of her app make it popular. Back in time when she had baby North, she was choosy on what she’s working on. She chose a game that will fit her personality.

Kim Kardashian Updates Sexy Outfits for Avatars in Her Game

Since the release, the game garnered over 28 million downloads with people playing a combined 11 billion minutes — or 183 million hours. It became an instant hit with over $1.6 million sales within the first five days of release. The game’s developer Glu Mobile announced that it was the fifth highest earning game in Apple’s App Store after a month.

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Mrs. West is hands on with game development speaking with the developer and programmers on daily basis. She was particular with the look of the game and admitted to have pulled thousands of references of  the characters’ outfits and style. Kim Kardashian casual style was very much obvious in the app that she knows too well when an outfit doesn’t match.

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Kim kardashians style has always been updated in the game for her fans virtual characters in the Kardashianland. She even immortalized her platinum blonde moment in the game. Oftentimes,  the 34 year old mom takes some of her favorite looks from her closet and takes them into  the Kardashianland, creating avatar-friendly forms. Styles as chic as Kim’s cost high even in the virtual world. Fans have to collect hearts to purchase outrageously priced items.

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They also need to collect K stars and stacks of money to tailor their character in one of Kim’s chosen couture ensembles. As the players take part in the app, Kim shares her journey to motherhood as well as hers and her husband’s parenting to the almost 2 year old baby North. The characters of the game can now give birth and or adopt a child. If the avatars decided to have a child, they should max out their relationship label. While you are still mulling over the decision, a quick note: adopting a child costs 160 K stars. Now, that is a lot of hard work. How about finding a partner, maxing out your relationship and have a child?

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