Kim Gets Rave Reviews For Her Selfish Book

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As someone who has a big following on Instagram and one who is a natural in front of the camera, it is quite natural for Kim Kardashian to release her autobiography. Selfish by kim Kardashian is a book made up of hers and her friends pictures. The sound of Kim Kardashian’s Selfish might be dreadful and too obnoxious to some but one has to flip through the page to judge. The book was rather interesting and allowed us to see Kim behind the camera. It was a documentary of a jet set whose been through different places.


We’d love to think that Kim selfish book is one full of vanity and glamourous pictures that we are used to seeing on her Instagram. However, she let us see some her natural self with a picture of her sunburn face after a swim or her family picture as they make faces.

Kim_sunburn -min-min

We have been associating Kim Kardashian as a doll who is prettified by constant contouring and highlighting. Her photobombing escapades with friends and family affairs made us realized that there is an interesting part of Kim we wanted to know even better.


Of course, there are parts of the book that showed her professional photographs as well as provocative poses in her thongs and bikini. If you are one of those who look forward to seeing her sexy pictures, you will get served by her sultry looks.


However, it is the story behind those sultry looks that make the 352 page plus book a page turner. Paired with Kim’s poker face, the sexy photographs are really something. She also included some naked photos that leaked online.


Slate, Self Publishing

Selfish is an insane project, a document of mind-blowing vanity and deranged perseverance. It’s also riveting. I can’t recommend it enough….


“What makes Selfish so crazily engrossing is the way it breaks down, image by nearly identical image, the precise, self-determined path of Kim Kardashian’s rise from socialite to household name—and the way that over the course of hundreds of consecutive selfies, the evolution of her public and private selves gets fully entangled.”


It wasn’t surprising that the book got good reviews from book critics who actually enjoyed flipping through the pages.


The Telegraph, “Kim Kardashian’s selfie book Selfish: unexpectedly revealing

“It should be dreadful, but it isn’t. Surprisingly, it’s a rather enchanting document of someone having a jetset life (sample caption: ‘I was in Africa in a diamond mine’) and not being overly protective about her image (one page is devoted entirely to photographs of her with sunburn after she fell asleep wearing sunglasses).”


People have already shared their sentiments over Kim’s Selfish book. Here are few of the hottest snaps that were featured in the book:


Mr. and Mrs. West sharing a sweet smooch in an elevator selfie.


This pooch stole Kimmie’s heart.  She calls this dog, Rocky.


Anytime can always be the best opportunity for selfie. You can learn from Kim who took a snapshot while her makeup artist is busy prepping her.


Hasn’t Kim K started the “Belfie”. Here’s a snapshot to prove that.


Before heading to his concert, Yeezus took the chance to pose with her hot wifey in this bathroom selfie.



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