KEUNE ACADEMY By 124 Fall Presents Hair Show

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So, he already proposed! Gee! Aren’t you just excited? Congratulations, after million years of waiting, he finally have the guts to ask your hand. So, it was overwhelming. But after the excitement fades and reality sinks in, you realize that tying the knot isn’t just a bed of roses. It requires a lot of time, patience and tons of decisions along the way. Now, this is not saying that you should not marry. Given enough time, budget and effort, brides this 2015 will surely say their “I dos” without any glitch. As long as you give yourself plenty of time to iron out the dozens of small and big details, you can have the perfect wedding that you’ve always dreamed of. The wedding dress is surely on top of your priority list. After all, you only wed once, might as well look the most gorgeous and stunning bride on your big day. In fact, even if my other half proposed, I already have chosen the style of my wedding dress. Bizarre, isn’t it? Anyhow, after choosing a dress, motif and them, you should start planning your special bride hairstyle that is complimentary to you and your wedding dress.
How can you look extra stunning if your hair looks drab? Having bad hairstyle ruins even the most marvelous dress. It lessens the appeal of your dress and let us admit it, we wanted to look smashing and the glowing bride on our wedding photos. Hence, It is wise to plan carefully for this, as the brides hairstyle is one of the most important of all the presentations on your wedding day.

In the three-month period before your wedding, you should have a good hairstylist in mind to dress your hair on your wedding day. You can hire your regular stylist to do the job for you since he or she is already familiar with your hair. However, if you don’t have any, you can rely on referrals or ask around. Once you have chosen the hairstylist that is best for you, you then should make an appointment with your stylist for a wedding hair plan.

Unless you have vintage as your theme, make sure to browse pictures to update your looks based on the current bridal hairstyle trends. Your hairstylist will surely help you decide on the best style that suits your personality and your dress.

So let’s stop talking about weddings, dresses and all that stuff girls. Now let’s talk about more about hair! When it comes to my hair, I am a product junkie! My hair needs to be shiny, soft, and healthy. Hair care is close to my heart as I have a long blond hair that required time to maintain, I noticed that my hair started to look without life, unhealthy.


I was struggling with my hair and getting a little depress. However, when I hear about this product  I got so excited and decided to give it a go. I tried Keune‬’s Vital Nutrition and my hair started to look hilarious!!! This product works fantastic as a detangler for me while at the same time adding the essential minerals I need back into my hair. My hair feels smooth and moisturized once dry after using.


Bye, bye to boring hair!!! Go from boring to bombshell with a blowout. I’m loving the va va voom volume trend. HURRAY!

Anyways, to make you the story short. I had an amazing time at the magical evening of fashion and love showcased bridal looks for the annual fall hair show. Keune Academy by 124 presented the KEUNE ACADEMY BY 124 FALL HAIR SHOW Trouw met mij! (Marry me), Top Atlanta salons after the Career Fair show flaunted intricate styles. The Event was carried on at Keune hair cosmetics North American Headquarters Georgia.

Here is a sneak peek Keune Academy by 124 fall hair show:


For the love of stunning hair products and chic hairstyles, I have tried Keune hair products and wanted to recommend the following:


Keune Care Line Vital Nutrition Hair Repair

As a girl struggling with curly hair, I need to regularly deep condition my hair. This  Keune intensive hair repair is especially made for dry, and damaged hair. It is infused with Nutri-Injection Technology and Keravis that improve the elasticity of my hair. I love how it make my hair soft and smooth after wash.

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Keune Care Line Color Brilliance Shampoo

Hair needs to be nurtured and protected against external factors so this Keune Care Line Color Brilliance helps my locks. It has sunflower seed extract, solamer and LP300 color stabilizer. It can strengthen the vibrancy of color treated hair and reduce fadage. This shampoo is suitable for girls who have gone through heating tools and coloring. The color sealing complex also ensures long lasting color brilliance. The Contains (Solamer) UV Protector and Sunflower Seed don’t just protect the hair, they also make the hair glossy and strong.

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 Keune Care Line Color Brilliance Conditioner 

After shampooing, I conditioned my hair with this. It also contains Sunflower Seed Extract, Solamer and LP300 color that strengthens the hair and locks in moisture.

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 Keune Care Line 2 Phase Ultimate Control Spray

This Keune hair care made me fell in love instantly. This is a miracle worker as it is suitably made for all hair types. More so, it can be used as an intense leave-in conditioner.  I used this during a long trip or when I hit the beach to avoid any knotted locks. The low pH level keeps my cuticle smooth and even enhances shine. The best part? It doesn’t pile up to your hair and does not add unwanted weight to the hair. It has a 2 part product with white phase to close the cuticle and protect the hair against external factors. The blue phase rehydrates the hair.

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