Katie Holmes Shares Beauty Secrets

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Katie Holmes might have slowed down in her acting career but that doesn’t mean she has lost her star factor. Suri’s mom is still one of the gorgeous women in Hollywood and her million-dollar worth smile just proves that she gets better with time.


Dawson’s Creek’s Joey is now endorsing Alterna hair care. The brand’s choice is definitely a match made in heaven with Katie’s sleek voluminous hair. With the actress flawless skin and beautiful mane, we are curious of the beauty products that she is currently using. Our curiosity got the better of us and finally discovered Katie’s beauty secrets.


On Long Hairstyles

We have seen Katie’s sported different hair styles and hair color over time such as bobs and bangs. Among these hairstyles, she loves long hair the most due to its versatility. She uses the paraben-free Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner to nourish her hair as it grows long. Since she prefers her long, she also uses the Alterna Caviar Repair Lengthening Hair & Scalp Elixir to avoid split ends. While long hairstyles are versatile, when it comes to updos, Katie is a huge fan of top knot.


On her Beauty Travel Essentials

If there are products that are always with her, these are Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil, Olay hydrating moisturiser  and a good muesli bar. She claims that the Dry oil keeps her hair from having frizz while the hydrating moisturiser is very necessary as she uses it before taking off and after her plane lands.


On Pinterest and Putting Up a Lifestyle Website

Those who know Katie all too well can tell how fashionable this lady is. With a fashion clothing line under her belt as well being a fashion model herself, it is not a surprise to come up with a lifestyle website where she can share to her fans. However, Katie was quick to refuse this possibility citing her disorganized nature as hindrance. Meanwhile, Katie is a big fan of Pinterest where she looks for Holiday ideas. However, this hot momma doesn’t pin compared to her sister.


On Halloween Celebrations

When asked if she plans to dress up for the Halloween, she is still uncertain and needs to check out her makeup artist for her Halloween makeup. She might play dress up but has to find some homemade candy bars and wrap them in ribbon. It would be nice to see Suri and Katie go matchy-matchy for this year’s Halloween.

Katie will be playing Jackie O for The Kennedys TV series on ReelzChannel. She was very very excited to play the role as she has acted the it once before. She swears that this time, they would tell the story of Jackie O’s life after JFK and Bobby were assassinated. The story revolves around Jackie O’s coming into her own up until the death of JFK Jr. Noting the excitement of Katie’s voice, we can tell how much she adores Jackie O, saying how great a woman Jackie is.

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