How to Wear Orange Color

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This will be a season for bright colors and stylish outfits. Neon hues have made a strong showing on fashion runways for the past few seasons.


This spring is going to showcase emerging styles as well as many old styles. This article will guide you to acknowledge when to wear orange. Orange color has the possibility of making or breaking a fashion look, orange is beautiful and fun but a very tricky color if  you don’t know how to put it together the right way. Orange is such a radiant and attractive color, and it has a unique appeal. Bright colors are the beauty of summer, and it is reflected through these colors.


Orange is a color that not many women feel comfortable wearing because they’re afraid of looking like a Halloween costume, YEAP.  It’s a color with a heavy baggage, you can truly go overboard with orange, you could look like an orange at best or a pumpkin at worst. Pulling it off successfully, the color orange sometimes is not exactly a peace of cake. However, If you follow some basic rules you can look fashionable and absolutely fabulous like a million bucks.


The key to make the color vibrant is by incorporating the color with the right mix that will  look fun and at the same time chic, the point is to balance things a little. One of the big secrets to rock out this trend is indeed to pair the right shade to your complexion tone, but sometimes girls think that they will not be able to pull the look off or maybe not be the right shade for their skin tone or simply orange is not for them.


If that’s the case, then you might want to select items that are not going to be close to your face, this will be a smart choice for you. You could try to import a touch of cheerfulness here and there, try to choose a really nice and stylish pair of SHOES or even a chic belt will really spice up your outfit and lift your spirits. Accessories with  handbags, scarf and fashionable headbands, create subtle touches using earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors this spring. Bright colors are popping out all over the runway and one of the most popular hues on the runway has definitely been orange.


Play with different shades of colors like orange, bright tangerines, pumpkin, peach, exotic coral, bright blue, red, fuchsia, and yellow. These are the colors you will be found in various different designs for this spring,  just make sure you match them with the right neutrals such as brown, khaki, gray, caramel, cognac, plum, nude, black and white.


If God gave you the blessing of having curvaceous hips and a rich bosom, try to wear the neon shade on other parts of your body besides your thickest parts because it will draw immediate attention.


In order to sport a casual look in a daily outfit you can wear an orange longer cut boyfriend blazer with a vintage leopard print blouse or a neutral top. One neon piece colored in your outfit is enough to create an impact in your outfit, you can accessorize these colors as you please, wear flared or skinny jeans with high heels or flats, large sunglasses, vintage bag or purse small or medium sized.





A stunning look for evening social get-together could be a bright blue dress and a vibrant orange-red lipstick. Believe me, these two colors together look fantastic, accessories is very important because they will pop your outfit. You can also add big earrings, however, if you want something more simple, then silver stud earrings will be perfect and silver statement cuff, clutch purse, coral belt and beige pumps, will make you look stunningly gorgeous and the image is complete.


Bright up your mood and enjoy your life, orange is a color full of life…Click here to check out some ideas.


Remember to always use your own style to incorporate each trend  “Fashion fades, style remains” Coco Chanel


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