How to Get Kylie Jenner’s Pout

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When you are a part of the Kardashian family, it is always expected that your moves are always watched out by the public. Whatever changes you have in your body is always noted that is why it came as no surprise how Kylie Jenner’s plump lips went viral. Her pouty lips even trended on Twitter amidst the starlet’s silence

Everyone has been wondering she has gone through lip surgery to enhance her lips. Although she remained tight-lipped about the whole incident, she finally broke her silence and took to Twitter her thoughts about the issue. “How long are we gonna talk about this lip thing lmao,” she Tweeted.


“Let’s get our lives together guys and talk about some important sh*t,” she added and ended it with “Just talk about something new at least. I’m bored.”

Although she didn’t totally address the issue, at least she has finally said something for her haters. Meanwhile, the statement of Kylie Jenner on Twitter might not be enough to put the issues to rest considering the media frenzy she has gotten for her pout. Whether she has undergone a surgery or not, you can mimic Kylie’s pout without painful surgery through these tweaks:

 Slough Dead Skin Cells

Before choosing the best lipstick for your pout, you must first exfoliate your lips. This doesn’t just remove your dead skin cells, it also stimulates the blood flow to your lips.


Apply Concealer

You can try the Hidden Corrective Concealer – Sand to prime your lips. Applying concealer also sets your lipstick and conceal your natural lip line.

Hourglass – Hidden Corrective Concealer Sand 0.12 oz, $49.99

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Line Your Lips

To make your lips stand out, use a lip pencil that is darker than your natural color. You can use mause lip pencil to overdraw your lip line. Specifically, you can use the NYX Cosmetics Slim Lip Pencil in Mauve since this makes a good base for your lip color. Remember that when lip pencil is used correctly, it can do miracles to your lips. Add volume and boost the staying power of your lipstick by subtly drawing over the outer edge of your lips.

NYX –  Slim Lip Liner Pencil 831 Mauve, $13.99

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Stimulate Tissue

You can swipe on pumping gloss that contains spices including cinnamon or black pepper. This will slightly irritate the lips and makes the skin swell. You might feel the tingly or stingy sensation but this doesn’t provide a long term discomfort. You can apply as much as you like and expect pouty lips. This is much better than the actual lip treatment.


Apply the color

To make your pout more noticeable, apply MAC Brave Lipstick Satin Brave on your lips. Gently blot it and reapply another coat. The MAC Brave has a pinkish beige shade with white pearl satin finish. It is a beautiful pink beige lipstick with a slight shine but it doesn’t have a glossy finish. The pearl is minimal and not even close to being frosty. Since it has satin finish, never go out without applying a lip balm or gloss on your lips. To top things off, channel the nonchalant Kylie Jenner attitude and you are ready to wow them with your plump pout.

MAC – Lipstick Satin Brave, $28.99

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