Free People: Go-to Label for Bohemian and Hippie Ladies

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When it comes to dressing up for a music festival, it is impossible not to mention or come up with Free People. This free-spirited brand epitomizes (specializes) bohemian looks that are modern, unique and chic. Over the years, people continued to patronize this brand because of their covetable Festival outfits. They just know how to please the crowd with their customer-centered approach. They had over  1.3 million people liking their Facebook page, 1.7 million followers on  their Instagram account and over 200,000 on Twitter. They also had FPMe app wherein  customers can share their favorite looks and details.

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Indeed, this bohemian brand knows how to maximize the e-commerce world. Their secret? Keeping a close relationship with their customers. “This store has an Instagram account, a Facebook page—all of our stores, internationally or domestically have those accounts,”  shared  Free People’s director of marketing and e-commerce. He added that this allowed employed women to have more intimate relationships with the customers from a social perspective.

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FPMe is a highly functional app that is built around the styles and taste of the Free People’s patron. Using this tool allows users to share styles, pictures, collections and hearts. While the app looks like Pinterest, the FPMe is all about Free People-clad girls and guys who can share their OOTD.

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One of the latest features the label added involved adding own self measurements. This additional information might be too personal for some but other people are cool with it and love to add this kind of info in their FPME account.

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Besides their usual rad and gorgeous outfits, they had launch their own dedicated page for, fabulous accessories in time for the Coachella Festival. The page features blankets, body henna, and board games along with fringed items, vintage music tees with musical icons printed on them and gladiator sandals.

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We are just so stoked seeing musical instruments such as tambourines. The festival page of Free People is a mine of wealth for girls who wanted to look stylish without going overboard. There are useful items that can be used besides their usual New Intimates free people. There were hand painted tent, feather flag and throw bed.

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Free People clearly knows every girl’s festival essentials. While their individual clothes are beautiful on its own, we are sold by the festival outfit ideas that one can effortlessly throw in. The festival outfit ideas are a beautiful mixture of loose and tight fittings. Whichever your choice, you are assured to find an item that is suitable for your taste and preference.

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On the other hand, the accessories department is another story. We got lost in the sea of badass head scarves, maxi poncho, kimono, maxi , vest and hippie belt. With free shipping free people, we are considering our options for our next music festival outfits. The festival page is just as exciting as the festival itself. We already have our favorites from the collection but we want to know the outfit you have in mind. Or better yet, why don’t you just share it to FPMe?

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