DIY Recreate Burberry Prorsum Pom-Pom Arm Candy

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I’m so excited to be sharing my Pom Pom Bracelets here with you today!

In Burberry Prorsum’s Fall 2015 runway we saw pom poms  fastened to a delicate gold bangle. The result? Absolutely lovely. Burberry’s pompom bracelet was one attention catcher as the show went into darker and deeper colors.

The teal, olive, darkened magenta and maroon all felt so romantic with the burst of fringe in ankle boots. The collection was of freedom and liberation that  celebrated the Sixties and the Summer of Love.


Burberry Prorsum’s Fall 2015 runway in London


Pom poms made a promising debut last year and we are crazy over its ball of cuteness. Although we noticed the appearance of poms in the fall runway and summer fashion shows, we are excited that the poms aren’t limited to hats alone.

With pom poms around, the silhouettes, colors and textures in the runways were given a breath of fresh air. Besides, we are taking fashion too seriously, we need a break.


This week my project is super FUN and absolutely ADORABLE! I was currently working on making a pom pom bracelet to match my Sophia Webster sandals. It’s still summer time which means, flip-flops around my house, Pom Pom high heels on the streets.


I absolutelly love, love, looove these sandals, they’re colorful and lend a playful touch for the season, the bold silver sandal with cut-out heel is everything you’ve ever wanted!

Give your closet a playful touch with Sophia Webster’s heels. 

“So what makes Sophia Webster’s shoes different? The shoes label’s take inspiration from classic feminine shapes and pop art to make its line of footwear one-of-a-kind. All their shoes are designed to be stylish and extremelly unique.

I’m such a sucker for shoes!

If you’re wondering what I’m wearing, I’m wearing this amazing flare sleeve off the shoulder top. It has a great fit and the print screams summer to me.

I paired it with high waisted distressed ankle leggings jeans and Dior Abstract SunglassesNow in a perfect world, I’m wearing these beauties around a glamorous road in some tropical paradise.

Flare Sleeve Off Shoulder Ruffle Low-cut Strapless Crop Top

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Christian Dior Abstract Sunglasses 

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Fav color? Check! Metallic? Check! Comfy? Check check! These babies will dress up any outfit! How about that girlys?


Gladiator Pom Pom sandals A gladiator Pom Pom sandal is another piece that can be worn dressed up or down so you can get plenty of wear out of it. They’re colorful and lend a playful touch for the season, sophisticated slides and lace-up the leg strappy details.

Penny Lane Pom Pom Sandals in Multi

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How To Make Your Own Burberry Prorsum’s Fall 2015 Runway in London

Ok ladies, this is a fun and easy project for craft beginners too, they are much easier to make than you can imagine. Can you believe that!?

It was really fun to play with after I made them. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up making two different ones.

While we get enchanted with the Burberry show, we are still hooked with the pom pom’s bracelet that I decided to recreate this style’s inspiration using the following tools:

Time to get CREATIVE my dears!!!

Now, get your yarn and fork. It is actually simpler than it seems.

You’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Fork
  • Yarn
  • Jewelry plier
  • Sewing needle
  • Split jump rings
  • Lobster clasp
  • Chain



Tie a piece of the yarn around the middle of the fork. Expect to recreate a bow. The more yarn you tie, the thicker your pom pom will become. Now, you want to make sure to secure the center of your pom poms from falling apart. Cut the yarn on each side. Then, slide the yarn ball off the fork. It might look uneven, but continue trimming until you achieve a perfect ball shape.


How to Create the Bracelet

To complete your accessory, take your sewing needle and yarn. Push it through all three pom poms and push it right back. Tie the ends loosely.


You will get a little “yarn-hoops” at each end in which you will adjust the chain using the clasp and the split metal hoop.

VOILA, oh my goodness! You have yourself a nice pom pom bracelet that you can parade this summer along with your other arm candies.

DSC_5813 copy

There are plenty of ways to come up with pom pom accessories ranging from handmade cardboard to pom pom kits. However, you can be resourceful and use the things you have at home. Got it? Perfect!! Now you can make anything into pom poms!

DSC_5816 copy


Going back to the Burberry show, looks were combined with loose waves and smoky brown eyes that went well with Janis Joplin shades. The pom pom bracelet completed the look. The bohemian vibe of the pom-pom accessories is all you need for a laid back and chic vibe.

Besides that, you can also wear your pom poms as a pair of earrings.  You only have your creativity as your guide. This also makes a great anklet or an artwork of necklace.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your own pom-pom accessories in time for the sandal and sunny season. Don’t forget to bring in the fun of color these sunny days.

Want to give the Pom Pom bracelet a try? I’d would LOVE to see what you create with it.

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