Copy Gemma Style’s Hairstyle For Your Christmas Nightouts

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The Yuletide season promises nights of festivities and parties. This means hunting for different outfits and footwear to go along with your style. While you might already have ideas as to what to wear for the season, how about your hair and makeup? Are you going for the smokey eyes style or would you rather have the au natural look? For the clueless, we give you the One Direction sister, Gemma Styles who debuted her glitter hair style.  Harry’s sister stole the limelight with Fudge Urban when she demonstrated her glitter roots with a bangAmassing over 2.5million followers on Instagram, the 23 year old features as the hair model in the party how to video which shows the sixties style with a style:


Add volume to your hair by putting Fudge Urban Hair Elevate Styling Powder. This lightweight powder is strong as it contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein known to retain moisture. It also adds volume to the hair and improve smoothness. Shake the bottle on to your dry hair or you can tease your hair through your fingers for style. For a backcomb effect, rework your fingertips to reactivate the power. Then, pull your hair back into the hands. Leave out your strands around your hairline to come up with a natural, messy effect.


Once done, secure your hair with grips and roll into a twist. Pin your hair into place and use, glitter spray for hair such as the B-wild Hair and Body Glitter Spray Gold+silver. This spray is made from the finest glitter that can be used on your hair and even your skin or clothing.


Place your ribbon, just back from your hairline and in front of your volume. Tie the ribbon into a bow at the back under your pinned ponytail. Spritz sparkle hair spray on top. Using glitter spray for hair some more will seal your look. If you are not satisfied with your glitter hair spray, you can use glitter hair gel too or even sprinkle colored glitter on top to complete the look.


After a fun shoot with her glittered her, Gemma took it to Instagram to share her thoughts. She snapped a worried selfie with her hair full of green sparkles captioning: “This shower’s gonna be a tough one @fudgeurban @nicolekahlani @daniellekahlani.”


Looks as though things are just starting for Harry’s big sister since Fudge Urban plans to keep her on board. The public first noticed Gemma when her baby brother shared a graduation picture on his social media pages. It is also reported that Harry got himself inked to honor her big sister.

With this new hairstyle, we suggest that you become minimalist for your makeup and dress choice. The glittered hairstyle will steal the spotlight. It is important that you only highlight one part of your body and leave the rest to minimum. This will prevent confusion and would make your look synchronized rather than exaggerated. You can go bold with your accessories too to go with your hair.


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