Versatile Halloween Accessories for All Occasion


Halloween is barely weeks ago. Have you already decided what character do you want to dress up for this year? Since scary witches are too mainstream, why don’t you add glamour to your Halloween costume and check out these chic and fun accessories that you actually want to wear even after Halloween? Black swan mask, $18.94...+

Selfie Mirrors Take Taking Pictures to the New Level

Selfie_ Pocket_ Mirror

We all have our fair share of mirror selfies that it is just inevitable for someone to take the trend a notch higher and invent Selfie Pocket Mirror, offering smartphone users the chance to mimic their go-to mobile devices using this convenient mirror. The pocket mirror is aesthetically designed to resemble a usual Apple iPhone,...+

How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer


Not all of us have found the long-wearing lipstick that flatters our skin tone and doesn’t dry our lips. Retouching from time to time can be annoying and inefficient especially for the busy ladies. And chapped lips aren’t sexy right? However, because our lips move a lot, from talking to eating, lipstick don’t really stay...+