Must Try: DIY Make Up Organizer Trolly Idea


Computer, Facebook, Instagram, coffee, check… OK. GOOD MORNING WORLD!  I’ll be handling all your problems today! So relax and enjoy the creativity. Morning is the busiest time of the day for the usual people who go to work or school. However, it can also be the most chaotic time for disorganized folks who are still figuring...+

7 Cool Ideas To Organize Your Diva Closet


Hello, hello! Yes I am still alive!!! I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time for anything. But guess what? I’m BACK!!! It’s time to go from winter gloom to springy!! Organizing the closet can be a tedious activity especially for a fashionistas like us. After all, it is hard to keep updated...+

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Costumes To Look Forward


  Are you an old soul who loves everything vintage? While you might have fun collecting vintage items and wearing classic ensembles, the Halloween is the perfect time to channel your inner Old Hollywood charm. From the classic ’50s to free love ‘70s, we just have the right womens halloween costumes for you: I LOVE...+

OMG! The Hottest Products For Your Brows


Since bold brows have become the trends nowadays, I have become too conscious of my thin brows. OMG. my brows are so pale they seem invisible! Fortunately I met Olga, OMGbrow’s owner who is a licensed esthetician and has also been in severals TV shows feature her products. She was so cool and does private spa services...+

DIY Delicious Chocolate Oatmeal Mask


Chocolates and girls have a long standing relationship. While we take guilty pleasure from this wicked obsession, chocolate isn’t all about that. It is actually beneficial to the skin as dark chocolate host a range of powerful antioxidants that protect our skin against free radical damage. This result in soft, supple young looking skin. Additionally,...+

Surprise Your Mother With Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Flowers and fancy soaps might be cool mothers day gifs for your mothers on her special day but why not step up your gifting game? Think of something that she would really love using even after the mother’s day. Here are just some of the great mothers day presents that she would definitely dig: Kenneth...+

How to Do Bubble Ponytail

IMG_20150329_224042 copy

We first fell in love with the long bubble ponytail hairstyles on Valentino runway. Since then, we have been seeing different version of this chic and trendy hairstyle even on the street. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies whose shorter or really long hair, there’s a look or every one. If you are bored with...+