Bright Eyeshadow For 2012


Summer might be about to end soon but that doesn’t mean we are no longer allowed to experiment with bright coloured eyeshadow.One of the hottest trends this season is colourful eye makeup. Don’t have any time for makeup? Don’t worry.  We  got you covered. Whether you are a huge fan of bubblegum colors or go...+

60’s Are Definitely Back


The fashion of the 60s has constantly been made as reference by prominent designers in their collection. This is because the 60s is diverse, featuring myriad trends and styles that are heavily influenced by the music and entertainment industry as well as different social movements. UK has shifted the humble bob and reinvented it to...+

How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer


Not all of us have found the long-wearing lipstick that flatters our skin tone and doesn’t dry our lips. Retouching from time to time can be annoying and inefficient especially for the busy ladies. And chapped lips aren’t sexy right? However, because our lips move a lot, from talking to eating, lipstick don’t really stay...+

Red highlights


I used to have dark brown hair, but I thought it would be a great and fun idea to dye it in red. The color is gorgeous I love it! I used this new product called Gold Well. But before you go red, you should know that red hair is the worst color because it...+

Latest Trends in Hairstyling


  Hairstyle trends come and go but there are those that stayed and remained to be our favorites even after their prime. So before jumping into the bandwagon and mimic your favorite celebrities hairstyles, you must know the different trends and how they can affect the quality of your precious hair. Since we don’t want to regret anything at the end right? Digital Perm It is always greener on the other side of the fence they say. Hence, it is not surprising for straight-haired ladies to try curly hair while curly women want the other way around. Digital perm answers your dream of having curly or wavy hair. Digital perms come in varied forms. Korean digital perm and Japanese digital perm differs on the preceding haircut and how the stylist uses the rollers to achieve the desired wave. Digital perm is also called spiral perm or hot perm where the hair is permed with hot rollers connected to heating system. The rollers can get too hot in which they shouldn’t be too close to your scalp or risk burning it. This results to the tips of your hair looking soft and natural. Digital perm works best for coarse hair as they hold longer. However, if your hair is healthier and finer, the curl will less likely stay. Balayage Hair Trend Embrace change and let your hair do the talking by dyeing your hair with another color. The sun-kissed and unkempt hair look is taking over the girls head right now. The balayage color technique is a French coloring technique that is developed in the 1970s where the color is applied by hand instead of the usual traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. You can achieve a range of different effects ranging from soft, natural highlights to quirky multicolored layers. Balayage is low maintenance it can be a wash and wear hairstyle. This technique works best with natural hair but don’t fret. You can still rock this hairstyle even after layers of dyes. Balayage may not require bleach so you will probably only go 2 to 3 shades lighter than your natural color. Wavy and beachy, tousled hair looks perfect for balayage method. If you have straight hair, you might consider chopping it off for layered hairstyle. Hair Extensions Have you ever wondered how celebrities can easily shift from short hair to long gorgeous locks? The answer? Hair Extension. If you have been growing out your hair for a while now and you still haven’t achieved your desired length, you can resort to hair extensions available in salons. Hair extensions are made from human hair that can easily blend with your natural hair. This means you can curl, perm or blow dry it as you would with your own hair. This is perfect for ladies who wanted to create the illusion of longer locks. Regardless of which trends you want to follow, you must know how to maintain it. Familiarize yourself with the after care to keep your hair healthy even after the colors, perming and hot styling tools. After all, healthy and nourished hair is always gorgeous. So, are you ready to party? Well, I am!...+

Some Useful Tips Oo Make Eyelashers Longer With Mascara


If you are not genetically-blessed with long and thick lashes, we rely on our favorite mascaras to give us full lashes for that dramatic effect. However, achieving a beautiful eye fringe is easier than done. Mascara can get clumpy that can ruin your entire look. So rather than resorting to eyelash extension, here are some...+