Kim Kardashian is Wearing Hair Extensions For The Met Gala


Known for her ever-changing hairstyle, Kim Kardashian still managed to give us a shock after she went total platinum blonde during the Paris Fashion Week. Her hair color change has sparked plenty of memes online for good reason. People know how hard it is to change your hair color especially if the hair color that...+

DIY Delicious Chocolate Oatmeal Mask


Chocolates and girls have a long standing relationship. While we take guilty pleasure from this wicked obsession, chocolate isn’t all about that. It is actually beneficial to the skin as dark chocolate host a range of powerful antioxidants that protect our skin against free radical damage. This result in soft, supple young looking skin. Additionally,...+

How to Do Bubble Ponytail

IMG_20150329_224042 copy

We first fell in love with the long bubble ponytail hairstyles on Valentino runway. Since then, we have been seeing different version of this chic and trendy hairstyle even on the street. This hairstyle is perfect for ladies whose shorter or really long hair, there’s a look or every one. If you are bored with...+