Blunt Bangs For Winter

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The right bangs can flatter your hairstyle, giving your look a nice update. This is very helpful for ladies who aren’t ready for the big leap of cutting their hair yet. Bangs can take years off from your face and accentuate your eyes. While bangs can flatter anyone, you must take note of the style, your hair texture and face shape to bring out your assets:


How to Choose Bangs for your Face Shape

Regardless of your face shape, if you have curly hair, you must shun away from bangs since it just pouf up on you. For straight-haired ladies, you must determine your face shape before heading to the salon for your bangs.


Heart Face

Bangs for your face shape should balance out your thinner jawline with your wider forehead. You can refer to Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington for inspiration as they have the same shape as you have. You can opt for heavy or blunt bangs that go below your eyebrows to hide your prominent forehead. This will give an illusion of oval face shape. You can also go for long and layered side bangs to draw attention to your assets which are the eyes, lips and middle of your face. The shortest piece of your hairstyle should hit at the eyebrow with the longest ending at the top of the cheekbones.


Long Face or high forehead

The best bangs for your face should be layered, extending to the outer corners of the eyes like to give balance. Swingy bangs give a two-fold effect in which the thickness works to hide the forehead while the gradual angle opens and widens the face. When going to the salon, ask for heavy sideswept bangs that start in the center of your forehead. It should taper diagonally to a cheek-grazing length.


Oval Face

This is the luckiest among the face shape as the right bangs for your face shape is just about anything. The oval face shape is versatile which means it flatters whatever hairstyle. However, you can benefit most from heavy blunt styles.


Round Face

Stay away from straight and blunt bangs since they can accentuate the fullness and shortness of your hair. Go for side swept bangs or middle swept instead as they define your cheekbones and give your face a slimming effect. Make sure the bangs is thick never wispy since it can  add even more softness. Razored cut bangs gives out a strong and edgy look.


Square Face

For square face such as Kate Hudson, sport long heavy bangs that end mid eyebrow. Shorter bangs like Beyonce can pull your face down. They look rad especially when styled straight across as you would push to the side or parted down from the middle.

Having bangs is exciting so as long as you know when to pull them off. Hence, it is important that you understand your hair type and texture. This is to avoid future regrets and frustration when you don’t appreciate the bangs they did for your hairstyle.

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