Beyonce Celebrates Album Anniv with Short Video “Yours and Mine”

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Pop Star Beyonce released a retrospective short film in a black and white footage. Unlike her fun and sensual videos, Beyonce is different in the film as she reflects on her incredible life. Some of us see her as perfection incarnate but the Flawless singer explains to us what it feels like to be in her shoes saying, “When you’re famous no one looks at you like you’re a human anymore.” “Now that I’m famous, it’s really, really difficult to do simple things. I think it’s the hardest thing to give up”.


Reaching nearly 12 minutes, the footage surprisingly talked less of her music career but only highlighted that she was happy music is her job since it is her get away from her problems. Her hubby rap mogul Jay Z, her daughter Blue Ivy and her sister Solange made brief cameos but the focus of the video was on Beyonce. The other part of her unknown to the public was vividly captured.


Speaking of music, there are rumors that Bey is yet to release new songs. Her latest video showed a fun side of her, doing crazy dance steps for the 7/11 video. Quite interesting elements in the video apart from her dance steps are Beyonce T-shirt and Beyonce Perfume

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Beyonce shared her important life lessons that she had learned along her way. She shared how she used to be a people pleaser but is now not afraid of conflicts. She doesn’t see it as a wrong thing anymore.  She explains that “I know when you grow up, when you learn a few things, you’re no longer afraid of letting go. You’re no longer afraid of the unknown. You’re no longer afraid of going to certain places in your body and your mind and your soul, that may make you feel uncomfortable. It all starts with if you can look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I like that person,’ you know? If I hadn’t gone through some of the painful experiences in my life, I would not be me.”


Beyonce also covers topic about body image sharing how we don’t give so much value of ourselves. She sends a positive body image to everyone, encouraging us to love the body that we have. She emphasized how she is very careful and choosy of the things that she does with her body and so with the people she want to share it with.



While she tackled a whole lot of topics, among the controversial things that she mentioned is her feminism and humanism principles. She is well aware of how people  have mixed opinions with her points of view in life. However, she believes on the fairness and equality of both sexes. In the end, she concluded how she is a humanist.



In the end, Beyonce teach us how it is okay to be dependent on someone. In fact, this is what humans should do, depending on each other. The last part was somehow whimsical and dreamy as she shares a part of her private married life, leaving us with this:

 “Happiness comes from you, no one else can make you happy. You make you happy. One thing that is for sure, the love I have, the music, my husband, for my child, they’re something that will last far beyond my life”
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