Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Hamptons Mansion worth $400,000 per month!

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243The well-known couple Beyonce and Jay-Z’s spends their summer vacation in the most luxurious place ever in the infamous Bridgehampton estate known as Sandcastle with an eye popping amount of $400,000 per month. The mansion was built in 2009 by Joe Farrell as the owner which he said that he isn’t worried about finding a renter since that place is a huge demand. And it’s indeed true, it’s all worth it. This 31,000 square foot mansion has lots of facilities that you can really enjoy and live life in luxury. We couldn’t blame Beyonce and Jay-Z’s into paying this kind of life then. However, the couple is paying less than the usual price because when the property was put up for rent December last year, it was $500,000 for only 2 weeks time. Chery Mercuris spent over a million dollars renting the Sandcastle, supposedly to pursue a rich banker husband.

Who wouldn’t love to spend their summer vacation in this heavenly place? It may be really costly and a huge steal of money but for people who can really afford like them seems like not a waste of money just to experience the lavishness and comfort it gives to the renter. The New York Hamptons area is famous for having some of the most luxurious and costly properties in the USA with numerous themed-rooms.



It has 12 bedrooms, a cinema room, a heated 60-foot swimming pool and also has a subaquatic speaker system, in addition with other rooms and amenities, such as a basketball court, a tennis court, a spa, a bowling room, a skateboard, a virtual golf course, a movie theater and a climbing wall, also with a recording studio which definitely will not be missed by the couple.


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