Beauty Secrets for Stunning Lips

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Gorgeous lips don’t always mean having a pair of full and plump one. You can have a beautiful pair lips even if your lips are on the thinner side. Below are beauty makeup tips for lips that you must remember:


Exfoliate Your Lips Weekly

This is the first step towards achieving a gorgeous pair of smoochers. You can exfoliate through using homemade scrub or you can opt fora lip exfoliator with AHAs or BHAs. However, don’t exfoliate more than once a week. Getting rid of dead cells will help moisturizers work better. However, if you feel the need to exfoliate more often, you must keep a second toothbrush with you. Dab it with Vaseline on your brush and gently press it against your lips with a rotating motion for a few seconds.

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It is important that you protect the moisture of your lips by hydrating. It is best that you lock the moisture in your lips. Try drinking fruit juices or enough water to get you covered. Avoid licking your lips often since saliva can dry your lips. You can use sunscreen on your lips with the ideal SPF or you can use lip balm with sun protecting properties. If your lips lack hydration, your lips can also be shades darker. You can lighten it up by cucumber juice, lemon juice so with almond oil. Let the oil stay overnight to make your lips lighter. When applying lip balm, avoid applying the kind with camphor. This is because it can dry your lips for extended use.


Get Naturally Pink Lips

If you have too pale lips, you can use beetroot or carrot juice to nourish your lips. You can also apply juice from crushed pomegranate seeds to color your lips. On the other hand, if you wanted your lips to look plump, make sure that you know how to use your lip liner to your advantage. Go for a lip liner that’s one shade darker than your lipstick. Apply it from the edges of your lips and leave only the center part of your lips. Apply your lipstick on the middle part to give it a fuller look. Ideally, pink lipstick would make your lips plumper.

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Go for Retinol

Sun damage and smoking can create lip lines. To correct that, you can use retinoids. It can protect your lips in the long run too.

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Avoid Matte for Dry Lips

While matte lips are perfect for long lasting colors, this is not actually advisable if you have dry lips. The long lasting lip color stays put due to your dry lips. You can go for a much more moisturizing glossy finish lipstick on a daily basis as an alternative. You can also use a very hydrating balm under your matte lipstick.


Use Color to Your Advantage

If you wanted your lips to be flattering, make sure that you choose the perfect lip color for your lips. If you have full lips, you can wear any shade. However, if you have thin lips, you must stick to light colors such as pale pink, peach or muted coral, or beige. If you have a trouble with the color of your teeth, go for a lipstick shade with bluish undertones to make your teeth whiter.

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