7 Cool Ideas To Organize Your Diva Closet

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Hello, hello! Yes I am still alive!!! I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time for anything. But guess what? I’m BACK!!! It’s time to go from winter gloom to springy!!

Organizing the closet can be a tedious activity especially for a fashionistas like us. After all, it is hard to keep updated with season’s changes and trends. As hard as letting go of your closet items, it is necessary to re-stock your closet and give way to your new clothes or new items appropriate for the season:


1- Rock Your Ambient

First off all, when I say “ROCK Your Ambient”, I mean PUMP UP the music!! I personally get into my cleaning more faster and easier when listening to funky or groovy house music. So, get some comfy clothes, grab yourself a drink, open your windows and start organizing your closet. That way you’ll feel like your are having a pajama party rather than a boring old chore. And you will definitely avoid looking like this…

 The “Culling” System

Let’s learn how to cull and sort your clothes and separate the junk from the treasures. Ask yourself, how long have you owned the item?… When was the last time you wore them and can you find ways to restyle this item?…  Can you wear them with other staples?… Would it look great with other clothes?… If your answer is “YES” then the garment stays.

If you haven’t worn the clothes for quite a while, consider giving it to a charity or someone you designate. Don’t second guess yourself.

I was looking for ways to organize my closet in my house and I figured the ventilated wall shelf kit was exactly what I was looking for, the product worked really well and it was fantastic for updating. It was easy to install that I really didn’t even need the directions, the shelf made one of my walk-in closets have much more capacity!

Now I have so much more room in my closet!

If it is impossible to add more shelves in your closet, add wood or metal dividers to create sections within the shelves. If you are blessed with a large walk-in closet and you need hanging more space for clothes but also storage, you might want to place a dresser inside. You can purchase the closet shelving systems, it will work fabulous on it!

3- Empty The Closet

If you are doing a major clean out, “like this Little Princess here” take everything out of your closet. Empty the entire thing to be able to sort out all of your items. You might discover clothes that you didn’t know were in your closet the whole time. However, if you are tidying up, take one step at a time. For example, you can start with shirts and then jeans.


4- Create Some Space

One of the major concerns we have when we reorganize our closet is the lack of space. One of the obvious ways to solve this problem is by folding down your  jeans, sweaters, tees, and hang your dresses in hangers. The ones that I use and recommend are huggable hangers by Joy Mangano.


I’ve got these hangers from this brand many times, they’re thick, good quality, great space savers and strong too. Plus, they are very pretty and do look nice in the closet.

Now I have so much more room in my closet!

I was able to hang up sweaters that hadn’t fit in my closet in years (which means more drawer space in my dresser)!



5- Spare your Shoes Some Place

Reorganizing your closet means organizing your shoes too. I’m more of a shoes FREAK than purses collector. If you are a guy, you probably don’t have that many, but If you you’re a gal, I’m sure you will have enough to make Imelda Marcos GREEN with envy.

The one rule of thumb is this: Get them off the floor!!

You must have a shoe rack to avoid losing a pair or two. You can organize your shoes by color or style. If space is limited, you can put one shoe in back and the pair in front. Stacking on top of each other is a wise move too.  Alternatively, you can store shoes in clear shoebox storage with a pull-out tray. Purchase the larger size so that the highest heel will always fit. Make sure they are open in front for easy access. And of course, your closet wouldn’t be complete without mentioning “boots”.

I do keep my boots on the floor of the closet during the winter and summer, and since I have a big closet, I don’t mind leaving it there. As you might have guessed, they are lined up in color order.

I was looking for real boot holders to avoid my pairs of boots getting ruined from bending over, but some of my boots are very tall and take up the entire sleeve. Soo I decide to be a little creative and I purchased some pool noodles. I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy, right?

The product caught my eye and actually turned out to be a GREAT find! Exactly what I had hoped for. My tall boots fits well and no longer droop and wrinkle at the wrong places. I’m so glad I purchased this.


20160428_132344-7006- Consider The Color

Organizing your closet by color gives a neat and pleasant vibe. It also makes dressing up easier. However, color is just the tip of the iceberg. You must organize everything first according to style then to color. You will realize how easy styling and choosing your OOTD can be using this strategy.

For me, the following color progression works best: white/off white/ beige, yellow/pink/red/orange,purple/green/blue, black/gray/brown. I also repeat this same pattern with shoes, jeans, purses and others clothing groups. I even repeat the pattern in my drawers.

20160429_171823-7007- How About Your Handbags?

Give room for your handbags on your closet by storing them according to their sizes and color. If you have a large collection, you can use a shelf divider for your leather and suede big bags to keep them tidy and erect. Ladies, If your purses flop over when empty, you can stuff your big and slouchy shoulder bags using bubble wrap or tissue paper to avoid losing the shape.


My clutches, I like to keep them on a glass shelf and in color order too, of course.

– More Great Ideas:


Creativity Is The Key

One of the most important things in fashion is to be creative… “Creativity Is The Key”.

For my belts, I didn’t want to get belt hangers or things like that, I wanted to get more creative. So, I went to get a branch stick. Yes, a “branch stick”.

I cleaned it very well, and then I painted it with spray paint it. You can paint it white, or any other color you want. This is not only for belts, but you can use it for any other study as well. Remember, be creative.


Silly Jewelry!

If you run out of space, you can keep your accessories in a mirror jewelry armoire, it hangs over the door or wall mount. This is FABULOUS!

Costume jewelry is fun, but it’s frequently a whimsical purchase. You don’t have to hang on to those Mardi Gras necklaces for ever, or those bananas earrings from the zoo.


Keep other goodies on storage boxes, baskets or trays. They make cute and chic storage for your stockings and underwears too. You can place the storage boxes at the top, below or beside your closet. Whichever you prefer works best.

Enjoy your clothes. SAVE time. And always look your BEST!